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I’m quite satisfied with this product , here’s my opinion The screen - In my view, the display is quite crisp and clear, It is bright with good contrast. No overblown blur light on any bright parts of my video. And my favorite part is that the screen has no excessive blue light so my eyes don’t feel uncomfortable while watching it The speaker - the sound it produces is clear with no muffling. i can hear the subtle details in the audio of my vid The acrylic - the front and back acrylic plates have a small chamfer on all the edges and corners. its feel comfortable and secure when hold Overall, I’m impressed with the design and quality. will order a bigger set for my family and friends in the near future

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    Thank you very much for your kind support and patience in the order of our acrylic digital photo frame product. Your feedback would be the biggest support and approval to our job!
    16 May 2024
    Great communication, well customized based on the request, professional production service, Nancy is very professional service manager to talk to. Highly recommended service and product !!
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